HEAT Group


The first orders from HEAT thermal technology plants, founded in 1984, have already reached beyond national borders. In 1991 HEAT Germany, which is now based in Kassel, was founded. R+I Rohr- und Industrieanlagen has been offering expertise in assembly since 1996. HEAT Energy (formerly Heat Gazgep) is now one of the largest manufacturers of household controllers in Europe and has been part of the group since 1997. In 1999 the HEAT Romania followed in Romania and the HEAT Bulgas in Bulgaria.

The group of companies received a streamlined structure in 2002 through the parent HEAT Holding. HEAT Hungary was founded in 2006 and the company LOG Oiltools, a specialist in drilling tools for oil production, was taken over in 2009. HEAT Poland was founded in 2010 and internationalization continued.

In 2015 the group was restructured and organized into an international and an Austrian part. In 2020, the Austrian production facility was sold and a majority stake in MAL Denox Systems GmbH was acquired in the same year. This means that the area of ​​environmental technologies within the group of companies has once again been significantly expanded.

The founding of HEAT Energy GmbH in Austria in 2021 and the move into the new office building in Biedermannsdorf in 2023 with a focus on the distribution of the product range in Austria and the new development of technologies for a sustainable energy economy and flue gas cleaning.

The buildings were constructed by the construction and real estate company belonging to the group