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Gas processing – gas drying:


HEAT Energy supplies process systems for gas production and natural gas storage to ensure the quality of the produced gas

to prepare the required parameters for transport and distribution in accordance with national and international standards.

For this purpose, in addition to solid and free liquid components, the heavier hydrocarbons and water dissolved in the gas must also be removed.

This means that the extracted gas is treated to achieve the required water dew points and hydrocarbon dew points in accordance with the requirements of the transport networks.

Different gas drying processes are used for this purpose.

During absorption, the moisture is removed from the natural gas in contact columns using a water-absorbing medium, usually triethylene glycol (TEG).

and the water is then evaporated in a regeneration by applying heat and the prepared, dried absorption medium is fed back into the column.

During gas drying by cooling (low temperature separation), undesirable, vaporous accompanying substances are condensed and separated by cooling and

the cold gas stream is then heated again. This process is often used at high pressures in conjunction with an expansion process and in combination for water and hydrocarbon removal.